Essence Series

What is the essence of a person, what is their texture? People are an amalgamation of their experiences, travels, relationships, feelings, aesthetics. Who we are, are simply fragments of where we have been, experiences we have had, things we have seen. Once our experiences become memory, our minds jump to brief snapshots, almost blinks- of texture, colors and feelings, which I reflect in my collages. Silhouettes are extremely personal, as is all portraiture. No one person has the same silhouette, just as no one person has the same essence. I strive to explore the intimate, personal nature of each subject through related imagery and texture which evolves through an organic process when I work. I create my collages entirely by hand, from my own imagery and magazine imagery. Creating this work using analog methods is important for me to feel in touch with each person I depict. Working from words that describe my subject, evolves imagery. Working from the imagery, evolves texture. I follow my intuition to visually describe my subjects, and once the piece is complete, I find that it comes to reflect the subject’s essence, or a facet of such- in a subconscious and intuitive manner.

  • Type Mixed Media Collage
  • Commisions Made to Order

Robaidek, 11x14, 2018

Robaidek, 11x14, 2018

Robaidek, 11x14, 2018

Robaidek, 11x14, 2018

Sidekick, 16x20, 2017

Curator, 9x12, 2017

Together One, 11x14 (2), 2017

Union, 16x20, 2017

Hulk Remembered, 18x24, 2017

Omnipresent, 9x12 (2), 2017

Souvenirs, 18x24, 2016

Rebirth of Venus, 16x20, 2016

Eclectic Ethos, 16x20, 2016

Role Model, 18x24, 2016

Brother, 18x24, 2017

Warrior, 11x14, 2016

El Capitan, 18x24, 2016

Muse, 18x24, 2016

Amie, 18x24, 2016

Taurus, 11x14, 2015

Self, 11x14, 2015